First it Was Behnaz, Now It's Proenza Pink

Last year Lancome created a fury with their beautiful Behnaz red lipstick, the first in their Pout-à-Porter series. It was produced in very limited qualities and it sold out before it was even released. Only a lucky few possess this lipstick, Annie at Blogdorft Goodman being one of those lucky gals. This time, Gucci Westman Neville, has created a new lipstick for us to lust after… Proenza Pink.

Lancome's Proenza Pink Lipstick This lipstick was created in collaboration with with Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough, the designers behind Proenza Schouler. It was also inspired by the collections new designs, visions of cool surfer girls, Stephen Sprouse and a touch of ‘80s icon Molly Ringwald came to Gucci’s mind.

While the waiting list for Proenza Pink opened on February 1st, you can call any of the Lancome boutiques or counters at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus to get on a waiting list. Proenza Pink will be available in limited quantities this March.

2 thoughts on “First it Was Behnaz, Now It's Proenza Pink”

  1. I love all the pink! I work with MAC and they’re launching a new Barbie inspired collection of colors that also feature great pinks- bold and sheer. If anyone is interested in checking it out, you can sign up on the special website to be notified when everything kicks off.

  2. I just got my Proenza Pink from lancome today and it was worth every cent! It’s so gorgeous and the fragrance is awesome. I paired it with light pink cheeks, darker eyes and some thick long lashes and I got sooooo many compliments, not even on the lipstick, just “you look great today, what did you do?”. It’s a MUST have for those of us in the cool color palette. Thanks Carla!

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