Coveting: Sparkling Eyelids, a la Lancome Ombre Magnétique

I’m all about the blinged-out eyelid for spring, accompanied by black liquid liner along the lashline and tons of mascara. I think it’s a fresh, mod look and very easy to create. While a shimmery shadow will do, I cannot get enough of Lancome’s Ombre Magnetiques: a sparkly sensation in a pot. Literally, your eyes twinkle and catch the light with each blink of the eye.

Lancome introduced three new shades with its Ultra Lavande Collection for spring: Disco Silver, Disco Gold and, my favorite, Ultra-Lavande. These are a bit of an enigma – not quite creamy, yet not powdery. They’re best used patted on the lid — no sweeping though because there is a chance for sparkles to fly.We first saw these with Lancome’s Fall 2010 collection, so I’m happy to see their return. Bring on the bling!

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