Attack of the Killer Lashes

Ever since I read Kristen’s post about Lancome’s Fatale Mascara over at Beauty Addict, I’ve been lusting after it. When I bought it, I was so excited to try it that I stepped into a mall bathroom and put on even though my face was bare that day.

Lancome_fatale When I was done applying mascara, I stepped back and was in awe… my lashes looked amazing. I had never been able to make them look as big or as full as I had at that moment. I felt like I had found the magic mascara I was always looking for and I loved my results, I had amazing full, long and lush lashes. Then I passed it on to my friend and we spent the rest of the afternoon telling each other we couldn’t believe how our lashes looked, it rocked our world.

While it was love at first sight, at the same time, this product does require a bit of patience and a good application does take some work. Elke at Beauty News said it all very well, there’s really not a lot I can add to that… after all, she is the pro. This mascara is a little tricky to apply but I’m willing to be patient with this product because I believe in the results it can deliver. Every time I grab it, I try to think of a different way to use the product to get that perfect application. I haven’t perfected the process yet but I am very hopeful that I will soon. With results like these, it’s completely worthy of the work.

2 thoughts on “Attack of the Killer Lashes”

  1. Oooh! This sounds like one I need to try! Does it wear well? I tend to look like a football player when I wear the most dramatic mascaras, but if it will stay on my lashes, I will definitely pick some up.

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