Love. Angel. Music. Baby.

I’ve been mulling a sample of this perfume over for a weeks now and I can’t come to a decision… I’m torn. I go through moments where I love this perfume then I have moments where I can’t wait for it to fade away.

Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B. Perfume L, a L.A.M.B. fragrance, is Gwen Stefani’s first fragrance. According to Fragrance X, it features top notes of sparkling green freshness, leafy water hyacinth, white freesia, fresh pear and violet leaves; a heart of jasmine petals, rose, lily of the valley, sweet pea and orange blossom, and a drydown of frangipani blossom, peach skin, heliotrope flower and sensual musk. All of that sounds appealing to me, in theory anyhow.

When I seem to be enjoying this scent, I find it to be fresh in a unique way that I really enjoy. It has touches of sweetness and musk, like all of the girliness that I imagine Gwen Stefani to be. Then I have moments were I think this perfume is like an overdose of sweetness. A touch more musk or something else to balance out the sweetness would have made it perfect. Also, it would have been nice if it had some lasting powder. A mere 2 hours into wearing it, I could barely smell it on my skin. Perhaps in the future, this Nordstroms exclusive scent will release some body product to help those who like the scent, layer it to make it last a little longer.

While I’m still undecided, I’m definitely interested to see what scent L.A.M.B. will introduce next.

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  1. I had the same thing happen to me. When are you coming to visit me at Sephora, We no longer have Vincent Longo.

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