Kiss Limited Edition Halloween Nails

Usually I’m not into nail designs but with all the Halloween inspired nails I’ve seen around lately, I’m tempted to try it out! An easy way to play with your nails this Halloween is with Kiss Halloween Nail Kits. I thought it would be a good idea to try these out and put them on top of my manicure for the week, I didn’t feel like taking off the polish and actually wondered how these Kiss would impact my color underneath. Each kit includes 24 in 12 sizes so you have the perfect fit. They also come with press on tabs that help keep the nails on.

I played around with the Witch Nail Kit, I loved the shape of the nails and the design reminded me of a ruffian manicure. I felt a bit like Elvira with these on but I loved it, after all the nails are red… you know I love reds, right? I have not tried a press-on nail since I was in middle school so  I was a little doubtful that the little tabs would keep the nails in place but they did! I guess there have been huge advancements in the world of press on nails since then. 😉

It takes a little time and pressure on each nail to really get them to stay on but once you do, they are on. I removed a few without reading the directions because I’m like that, I skip ahead sometimes. Those little mighty tabs held up and actually stripped some of the color underneath but when I soaked my nails in some warm water, the color underneath was not damaged at all.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to jazz up your Halloween look, take a look at these nails from Kiss next time you’re in the drugstore. There are 4 Halloween themed designs and decals available and all for much less than the cost of getting your nails done in a salon.

Disclosure: We received samples of this product.

4 thoughts on “Kiss Limited Edition Halloween Nails”

  1. Wow, the Kiss nails look great on you! I stocked up on all 4 styles and work the ‘Pumpkin’ ones this Halloween. I will definitely be saving the rest for next year or whenever I feel like being a bit spooky


    1. Thanks Melissa! I definitely liked wearing them. I made me feel like my fingers were not so stubby. 🙂 I’m definitely keeping an eye out for other designs I can wear for fun.

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