Sun Safety Splurge or Steal: Kiehl's vs Neutrogena

I was nearly set to post about Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+ when I picked up a tube of Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Liquid Sunblock. We’re definitely in splurge or steal territory here! They are shockingly similar in ingredients and performance.  Had I discovered the Neutrogena first, I may not have splurged on the Kiehl’s.  But I do love them both — they are serious sun safety rock stars!

First, the ingredient breakdown. They contain the same active ingredients at nearly the same percentages.

Both formulas are incredibly lightweight and need to be shaken prior to use to activate the ingredients. Unless you are sensitive to physical suscreen, these will not break you out or clog your pores. Both are intended to be worn under your makeup and over your moisturizer. Arguably, you could use this as your moisturizer in a pinch. Both formulas absorb almost immediately. I love the liquidity – just don’t forget to shake!

Now for the ever so slight differences. I noticed a slightly different scent. Both are fragrance free but have a slight sunscreen smell that disappears immediately after application. They have a slightly different finish on the skin to the touch – the Kiehl’s has more of a silky feel. I think that the Neutrogena has better priming abilities as it controlled oil longer on my face. Neutrogena is also available in higher SPF – 55 and 70. And last, the price difference. Kiehl’s is $32 for 1.7 FL oz and Neutrogena’s is $10.79 for 1.4 FL oz.

Whether you opt to spurge or steal, make sure you wear sunscreen!

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