Mr. Bones and Me…Kiehl's and its Long History with Skeletons

Mr. Bones at Kiehl's Magnificent Mile store, Chicago

Have you ever wondered why there is a skeleton in every Kiehl’s store? Did you know his name is Mr. Bones? When you’ve been around for 160+ years, as Kiehl’s has, you have a pretty strong legacy. Mr. Bones represents that pharmacy heritage, when founding Kiehl’s family member Aaron Morse would use it during consultations to educate patrons on ailments and how their remedies would address them.

If only Aaron Morse and the Kiehl’s crew from the nineteenth century could see what is happening with Mr. Bones this June. Mr. B is getting pimped out by celebs in NYC stores and coming to Facebook in a cool design your own Mr. Bones interactive contest! (sidenote: do people still say “pimp out” — cause I guess I just did!?)

Special edition Mr. Bones, L-R: Alicia Keys, Tats Cru, Kenny Scharf (photo credit: Benjamin Lozovsky/

Kiehl’s teamed with 13 notable celebs and creative folks, including Top Chef’s Padma, Alicia Keys, Terry Richardson and Zach Galifianakis, and gave them free reign to build his/her own Mr. Bones. These will be on display at the seven Kiehl’s stores in NYC starting June 2 through July 14. Kiehl’s will be giving away prizes in-store to those who opt for skin consults and/or complementary facials and via Twitter. For the rest of us non-New Yorkers, there’s a pretty cool online component also starting June 2 on Kiehl’s Facebook, which allows you to personalize your own Mr. Bones and share with friends who may also wonder why you’re sharing images of skeletons.

We can’t help but think of Mr. Bones and sing along to the tune of “Mr. Jones.” It just fits, ya know? Pass me a bottle, Mr. Bones….  Specifically, a bottle of the new next month Activated Sun Protector. More on that soon. It looks promising, right?

2 thoughts on “Mr. Bones and Me…Kiehl's and its Long History with Skeletons”

  1. Haha! I always wondered about the skeleton. We called the skeleton at the high school I used to work at Bones too. 🙂
    I’ve never tried their sunscreen, but now I want to!

  2. Thanks for clearing that up- I was wondering if Kiehl’s had decided to see if a spring Halloween would take off. I do love Kiehl’s products, and will definitely give that sunscreen a shot! Please check out my blog for other skincare tips:)

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