Kiehl's + Earth Day AND Mark Ruffalo

What do Mark Ruffalo, deep pore cleansing and recycling have in common? Kiehl’s, of course. For their 2012 Earth Day campaign, Kiehl’s is teaming with Recycle Across America and releasing four totally awesome Limited Edition Rare Earth Cleansing Masques with label art inspired and created by four celebs. That’s where Mark Ruffalo comes in. He joins Spike Lee, Florence Welch and Rosario Dawson for the 2012 campaign, and 100% of net proceeds from these limited edition Rare Earth Cleansing Masques will benefit Recycle Across America.

This masque is one of our favs at Product Girl. In the warmer months, we use it a few times a week. It’s dude-friendly, too. One I can actually get the man in my house to use —-I care about his pores as well. The Amazonian White Clay helps to purify the skin and other ingredients, including oat kernel flour, help zap up all that surface oil on skin. I’m all for masque-ing for charity, ESPECIALLY when Mark Ruffalo is involved. I will promptly be taking myself to Kiehl’s in April to snag Mark Ruffalo’s design. I love them ALL. I’m tempted to get Florence’s as well. Don’t you love them?

And, a fun fact to leave you with:  Since 2009, Kiehl’s has collected more than 500,000 empty Kiehl’s bottles from shoppers through its “Recycle & Be Rewarded” program.  While I’m a regular recycler (especially because of the rewards), I may not be able to part with these. At least not Mark’s…

Available in April for $23.

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