Deluxe Hand and Body Lotion

I have to confess, I don’t take care of my skin as well as I should. I’ll use a facial moisturizer religiously but when it comes to the rest of my body, I often forget. I’ll go in spurts where I put some on once a day and then spurts with none at all. Guess which spurt I’m in now?

Kiehl's Deluxe Hand and Body Lotion When it comes to body lotions, I’ve said before different textures and consistencies have their place. When it comes to thin, easily distributed body lotions, Kiehl’s Deluxe Hand and Body Lotion with Aloe Vera and Oatmeal is a great pick. It’s thin and sometimes almost runny consistency makes it a great lightweight moisturizer. Lately, I’ve been using this as a hand lotion as well. To me, it’s even better for this purpose because it sinks into my skin very quickly. I can put this on and seconds later get back to work without greasy hands. At $19.50 for a big 8.4oz bottle, this will last a long time as well.

Also, Kielh’s has some limited edition scents that are worth a try. There’s Pear Tree Corner, a sweet pear scent, Amber, Cherry Almond, Forest Rain and Wisteria. I’m drawn to Pear Tree Corner, time to head down to my local Kiehl’s store for give this a try. Don’t forget, Kiehl’s also has a really great and generous sampling program so you can try most of their products before you buy them.