The Secret to Clear Skin Found?

As much as I love wearing makeup, it feels so good to look great wearing no makeup at all. It’s no easy feat, but it just got a lot easier with Kiehl’s newest innovation: Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. It’s a next-gen Vitamin C product — an ingredient well documented for its ability to even out skin tone and fight discoloration — that contains a derivative called Activated C. Kiehl’s is the very first brand to bring this to the U.S. market. What’s so special about Activated C?  And how does it differ from others?

Activated C is photo-stable and fully active on contact, which means there’s no need for any carrier molecule to help the ingredient work on skin. It penetrates deeper and faster and starts working right away.  Activated C slows down the production and transfer of melanin, and is proven to help break existing spots and imperfections apart even before they form.

Clearly Corrective helps break down the appearance of dark spots, acne spots, discoloration and uneven skin tone. The secret, if you will, to really having flawless skin. This can be used daily, year round by everyone, regardless of skin tone and type. I love that it’s an all-over the face treatment, addressing issues the eye can see and helping prevent anything under the skin’s surface.

I’ve been using this for about six weeks, and my skin looks better in the buff. My nose was the victim of sun damage and now it’s completely transformed. I can’t even BELIEVE it.

2 thoughts on “The Secret to Clear Skin Found?”

  1. Such a fabulous product! So glad you saw great results. I used it for three or four weeks and missing it now that I’ve stopped. I must dig it back out!

  2. I got a sample in my Birchbox month and thought I’d try it on my hands to see if I could lighten up the age spots. In about 3 weeks, most are significantly lighter and some are gone altogether! I’m buying the full-size to keep up the results and try it on my face next.

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