Want: Kevyn Aucoin Making Faces Collection Vol. 1

Say hello to the newest item on my wishlist: Kevyn Aucoin’s Making Faces Collection Vol. 1. I have been waiting for a glimpse of this palette for a few months now and it is finally here! I want this palette so bad, you cannot even imagine the depths of my lust for this pretty little thing… it’s major. It could be that I am completely obsessed with all things Kevyn Aucoin (really, how could you not be?). It could be that I want it even more because it is not easily obtainable in Seattle. And of course, it could also be that these colors are oh so Carla… they are calling out to me.

For $45, you get three, eyeshadows, two cheek colors and three lip colors all in co-ordinating shades in a book-style flip palette. It is not seen here but I believe the cover is actually the same or close to the cover of Kevyn’s infamous Making Faces book, an aspect I find completely adorable. There’s also a large mirror and step-by-step instructions to achieve your look.

The unfortunate thing is that is temporarily sold out but I don’t know about you… I will be stalking that page until I can order and break my anti-online shopping rule. A girl can hope she will have this in her possession by New York Fashion Week next month. 🙂

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