Summer Scent: KenzoAmour Florale

About a month ago I was in search of a light, fresh summer fragrance. I ended up picking up a scent that shall remain nameless. While it had some of the notes I was looking for, unfortunately its lasting power left A LOT to be desired. Now with just over a month left to our summer, I finally got to try Kenzo’s KenzoAmour Florale. I should have known my beloved Kenzo would have something that hit the spot.

kenzoamour-florale KenzoAmour Florale opens with top notes of neroli, grapefruit, black currant and cardamom to sharply contrast the original KenzoAmour. The neroli, grapefruit and black currant are prominant in the opening as to be expected but the cardamom is there to tone down the initial sweetness just a bit. It’s not long before you’re into the heart of scent with its floral with notes of frangipani, rose and gardenia. The frangipani in this scent commands yours attention as the base of white musk and cedar start coming into play.

Overall, KenzoAmour Florale is right up my alley for a summer scent. The citrus notes give it some freshness while the spice and woody notes give it some edge to prevent it from becoming sickeningly sweet or overly floral. If the original KenzoAmour was a little too warm for you, I think you’ll find this new floral version is just right. My only regret is not trying this sooner! 🙂

Have you tried this perfume? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.