Kate Somerville in a Jar: ExfoliKate

Like everyone else, I buy into the hype surrounding a product from time to time. After reading all the reviews and seeing Kate Somerville on QVC a few times, I picked up jar of Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate during Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale. There was a great gift with purchase and I couldn’t help myself. After all, this is the product she’s known for. This product also inspired me to start exploring Kate Somerville’s skincare line and it’s what I’ve been using for the last few months.

Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate (formerly known as Kate in a Jar) is dual exfoliating treatment with grains to take care of the surface and fruit enzymes and lactic acid to reveal healthier glowing skin. I usually go for strong exfoliators, the ones where I can feel the grains going to town on my skin. That’s not the case with this product, it means business! The grains are not harsh at all but that’s not to say it doesn’t get the job done. The real magic happens with the fruit enzymes and lactic acid as you leave on your skin. I rinse this off and seconds later and my skin is vibrant.


There is a downside though. Packaging woes aside, those with sensitive skin would want to use a little caution when using this product. It’s very easy to over do it, in fact, I definitely did over do it for a little bit. My skin has it’s issues but for the most part, seems to do well with most products. When I first started pushing the boundaries a little bit, I used this more than twice a week and left it on for more than 30 seconds. That’s when I noticed my skin starting to push back. The burning sensation and redness this left me with was enough for me to respect the directions and actually take it down a notch. Now I use this product once a week and I do not exceed 20 seconds. This seems to be just right for me. I’ve stopped using other harsh exfoliators and now only use Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate once a week. I have to say, I’m happy with the results so far.

If you’re curious about the line, go to the website, get a customized consulation then head over to your local counter and get a few samples.  The consulants are good at their job.  I got to meet Ms. Somerville briefly for a few minutes before my trip to Paris. She is as friendly and gorgeous in person as she looks on TV. She reviewed the regimen I received from the consultants on her website and offered up some suggestions. It was nice to know that while she didn’t recommend my regimen personally, it’s the same thing she would have done so my routine is definitely Kate approved.