I’m Nuts for this Perfume

Kaponga Creme de Parfum no.9 Need to be reminded of your last vacation in the Bahamas? Make sure you have Kaponga Crème de Parfum Nuts in No. 9 at arms reach. Nuts No. 9 is a solid perfume, housed in an adorable little nut-shaped container made of wood. Unlike most perfumes, this solid is set in sweet almond oil and beeswax, which means that it is very moisturizing unlike alcohol and ethanol which are main ingredients of most fragrances. Notes of fresh melon and coconut are vibrant when first applied, yet the dry down is a clean vanilla scent.

The perfume concentration in this “nut” is high at over 20% (most EDT’s are 8-15%). Therefore, the scent will last you longer without having to reapply. Usually I am turned off by overtly tropical concoctions but Nuts No. 9 is actually very subtle and easy to wear. I love the convenience in the packaging and the fact that one application brings me back to paradise minus the expense of a plane ticket.