Just Another Mani Monday: OPI Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous

I’m bringing the bling and¬†sparkle this week with OPI Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous, from OPI’s Fall 2010 Swiss Collection.¬†After a few weeks of deep purples, I decided to inject some “party” into my polish. I’m loving the texture and feel like this mani is going to be the perfect accessory all week.

I applied two coats plus a layer of Seche Vite to finish it off and I love the smooth texture. I feel like I’ve got the glitter party without the chunky texture. I did run into a bit of trouble with the brush on this bottle — it was very wide and splayed, unlike other OPI polishes. I’m thinking just a bad brush — and it won’t deter me from using this in the future. I really recommend this polish — especially if you wear a lot of neutrals and blacks as I do think it’s the perfect blinging accessory!

Hope everyones’ week is starting off right. Let us know what you’re wearing on your nails!

8 thoughts on “Just Another Mani Monday: OPI Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous”

  1. Hey Trisha! I could have stood a third coat — but fairly opaque in two! I actually think this will be pretty easy to remove, it’s not like a traditional glitter polish. At least I’m hoping:)

  2. Cindy, I just ordered the Lancome L’Wren grey polish yesterday —- I’m so excited to get it in the mail! Haven’t seen either shade in person yet though.

    This OPI shade is the best — I’m not a traditional glitter girl but I’m loving it this week:)

  3. Laurie – loving this blog post! This color is gorge – I’m wearing Glitzerland right now! I love how they are SO glittery, but don’t feel thick and full of glitter! Love the Swiss Collection! Have you checked out the Burlesque Collection?

  4. Go!Spa — I also love Glitzerland — but haven’t worn it yet:) Will definitely around the holidays. I saw the Burlesque collection at my nail salon, but haven’t tried them out yet. Any recommendations?

  5. The Burlesque Collection literally arrived today at Go!Spa! We’re so excited. For something fun & fab I’d reccommend ‘Sparkle-icious’ and for something more serious ‘Tease-y Does It!’

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