Jurlique's Biodynamic Beauty Serum: Genie in a Bottle

Somehow in my mind the word “serum’ registers as intense treatment…worth more money… more active than a lotion or cream. I’m not totally sure that this is true but it has me always on the hunt for a new miracle in a bottle.

jurlique-biodynamic-beauty-serum A few months back I started using Jurlique’s Biodynamic Beauty Serum and I have to say it’s been true love ever since. I can’t remember the last time I was faithful enough to one product to actually empty the bottle!  I usually find I’m on to something else about half way through (glad I’m not like this with men or it would have been tough keeping married). Well not only have I stayed faithful and emptied my bottle but another one is in my cart right now on Sephora.com.

I’ve mentioned in my writing that I have rosacea so many products don’t work for me at all due to inflaming my skin etc. I’ve been using the serum pre-moisturizer, it sinks in really quick with no greasy feeling, doesn’t clog my pores and has no dimethicone which gives that smooth slip like a primer, I personally don’t like that…I want my skin to breathe. What I do like is that my skin feels really hydrated and calm like it just got a big drink of water. I’ve also noticed that my skintone and texture seem smoother and more consistent. I still need a moisturizer on top of the serum but it’s like the two things are working synergistically together, giving me a great base to apply my makeup too or even the option to wear none since my skin isn’t beet red from irritation.

So far I have only used Jurlique’s serum but I am dying to try other products in the line especially the Herbal Recovery Gel and some of there moisturizers. I tend to like the thought of using more natural or organic skincare since I think those with rosacea are more sensitive to chemicals but of course am searching for products that still perform. Well take a look at Jurlique because the ingredients are cleaner than most and my first impression is that this could be my dream line.