Beauty VIP of the Week: June Jacobs Intensive Age Defying Hydrating Masque

Historically, I’ve had normal to oily combination skin. But I’ve noticed now that I’m approaching my third decade, my skin is changing. It’s moving towards normal to dry, and for the most part, I ain’t mad about it. This shift comes with its own set of needs, and it’s very apparent when I make the wrong decision with skin care. This week I tested out a new cleanser that’s meant for oily to combination skin, and it left me with the worst dry patches around my noise. It stripped my skin completely, and I couldn’t shake the scaly feeling even after moisturizing. Enter this week’s Beauty VIP, June Jacobs Intensive Age Defying Hydrating Masque.

This masque is no joke. It completely eliminated those dry patches and provided my skin with the most intense blast of hydration. The tiniest bit goes a long way, which is great, considering the $80 price tag. The intense moisturizing properties are matched with a potent combination of anti-aging ingredients to smooth fine lines and increase collagen and proteins in the skin. There’s white, red and green extracts coupled with goji berry, pomegranate and grapefruit extracts to help neutralize signs of premature aging, which if you go outside at all, are everywhere in the form of free radicals floating around in the environment.

A few more ingredients to boast about are sweet almond oil, rich in fatty acids and vitamins A and E, and something called Konjac Mannan, which comes from the root of a tree that grows in Africa and Asia. While the ingredient doesn’t have name recognition, its effects are obvious on the skin.  It acts as a humectant to maintain moisture and helps create volume in the skin’s appearance.

Another perk? You can reap the effects of this masque overnight by applying it in a thin layer. It will perform like a balm so it doesn’t make a mess on your pillow. I tried this and woke up with plump, healthy-looking skin. Amazing! I sense a weekly winter skincare ritual coming on…

Check out the deets on June Jacobs master masque here.

8 thoughts on “Beauty VIP of the Week: June Jacobs Intensive Age Defying Hydrating Masque”

  1. I got this in my Birchbox this month!! I can’t wait to try it. Does a little go a long way, because LORDY – this sample is tinnnnny…

      1. I got the papaya purifying enzyme mask! Hopefully it wont hurt my skin since it’s both dry AND sensitive. I haven’t used a mask in, oh, probably 10 years – and I’m turning the corner (like you) towards my 3rd decade!

        1. Juliana, You’re going to love the Papaya! It’s great at getting rid of dead skin cells and giving a natural “glow.” I am a mask-aholic, love the at-home pampering:)

          1. You are NOT kidding! I used the product yesterday, and have had NO problems. Usually my skin turns inflamed and my eyes get swollen, but with this product nothing happened! And I ABSOLUTELY got a natrual glow!!!! I am in love with it – but not the price tag 🙁

            Have you had any luck with a similar product with a price tag less than $30? 🙂

          2. Juliana, I hear ya on the price! A few alternative recs to consider: 1) Ole Henriksen Blue/Black Berry Enzyme Mask, just over $30 and a similar fruit enzyme concept (plus Ole products are always great!)

            2) pick up a sample size of Kate Somerville Exfolikate at Sephora. This stuff is pricey, but the sample is avoid way to try. Not a mask persay, but the best exfoliator you’ll likely ever use!

    1. Sharon, it’s not organic or completely natural but it is paraben and preservative free. My skin is sensitve as well, and I experienced no irritation. There’s tons of fabulous extracts and oils in here — very good to the skin:)

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