Pink! Julie Hewett Rosie Cheekie andBijou Lipstick in Lulu


This month Julie Hewett has 2 pink products with proceeds going towards breast cancer research. Julie Hewett Los Angeles will 25% of proceeds from the sales of their Rosie Cheekie and Bijou Lipstick in Lulu to the Susan G Komen for the Cure Foundation during the month of October.

A Cheekie is a great multi-tasker, it’s a cream blush and lip color in one. The pink shade for this month is Rosie and it’s a sheer vibrant raspberry that gives skin and lips a fresh, healthy glow. As for the lipstick, Lulu is part of the Bijou Collection which was inspired by actresses with full lips. Lulu is a sheer shade that can be worn alone or layered with other shades.

Have you tried Julie Hewett’s line? I am so intrigued by this line. I think I’m going to spend my weekend checking out the few local places that carry it. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Pink! Julie Hewett Rosie Cheekie andBijou Lipstick in Lulu”

  1. These 2 lip products designed specifically for Breast Cancer Month are absolutely gorgeous. Not only will you look beautiful when wearing them, it’s a constant reminder to cherish your health, to make an effort to donate or if unemployed, give of your time, to someone afflicted with breast cancer. Especially in these tough economic times, many of us are not in a financial position to donate money. But it costs nothing to donate some time to pick up some groceries for someone undergoing chemo, too weak to do food shopping on her own, or to drive someone to a doctor’s appointment. As I’m writing this, I realize how much more I can do for this cause. I hope we can all look deep into our hearts and find some way to do something special for someone today. I know I will.

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