Julie Hewett Mandy Palette

Julie Hewett Mandy Palette

When it comes to highlighters and blush, I am a cream fiend! It doesn’t always work in the summer with my oily skin but in colder seasons, I am on it like white on rice. Plus, I love something that’s easy to use that I can just put it on with my fingers. Being the cream fiend that I am, it was only natural that the first product I tried from makeup artist Julie Hewett’s line was her Mandy palette, a palette created for Mandy Moore.

Normally, I am not a Mandy Moore fan… I can’t deal with her music but if you sit me in front of a TV with A Walk to Remember on, it is guaranteed that I will cry. Now in the beauty realm, I can definitely deal with Ms. Moore as Julie Hewett’s inspiration. After all, I don’t think she has ever set foot on a red carpet looking a mess. The Mandy palette features 2 cream blushes known as Cheekies in Peachy and Natural, a cream highlighter known as a Shimmy in Goldie and a lipgloss known as a Lip Lush in Mimi. All of the colors in this palette are all sheer and will work with a variety of skin tones, plus the Cheekies are perfect shades for spring.

My favorite thing about Julie Hewett’s Mandy palette is its versatility. I could use the Shimmy on my eyes, lips and cheeks if I wanted to and the Cheekies are creamy enough to use on the lips as well. You can also mix the products together if you wanted to. If all I had in my bag was some powder, mascara and this palette, I’d be set and I’d look fresh and natural to boot… which reminds me, I need to make room for this in my makeup bag!

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