Beauty Black Book: Julep Manicure Parlor

Around the holiday’s last year, I was invited by Julep Nail Parlor to experience their Peppermint Bark Manicure. I was having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit around that time so I figured a little peppermint bark wouldn’t hurt. I had always wanted to visit one of their locations but never quite found the time.

Julep has a unique approach to their services in comparison to other nail salons. They offer memberships at 3 different levels that entitle you to a specified service once a month with additional discounts on other services. At the Parlor club level for example, you get 3 Parlor pedicures or a facial each month. Normally you’d pay around $74 each time but for the cost of $168 for membership, you’re saving $54. It is something I’ve been debating for awhile now.

I got my manicure at the University Village location, where the interior is a little different from the other salons as you can see here, it seemed very flexible like any chair in the salon could be a nail station and I liked that, it seems less rigid to me that way. The atmosphere feels warm and cozy like you were getting a manicure or pedicure from one of your girlfriends, it feels like home.

My Peppermint Bark manicure is the same as the salon’s Julep manicure, only with a little Peppermint Bark scrub from Sweet Beauty in place of the usual sea salt exfoliation. The Julep manicure costs $48 and is a very pampering manicure. It lasts 40 minutes, includes an extended reflexology-based massage and a hydrating paraffin wrap… in other words, heaven on earth for tired hands.

The results were great! My manicurist Ally was amazing, I’ve never seen such amazing attention to detail in a manicure before. She was meticulous and I’m a picky gal when I’m getting my nails done, I’ve always got my eyes on what my tech is doing. I particularly loved the shape she gave my nails. I’m a little challenged when it comes to shaping my nails but Ally fixed my mistakes and made them look great. The whole experience was so good and relaxing that I had to fight the urge to sleep! If I could have napped through it, I would have.

The shade I chose for my manicure was Cyndi, it was a black with lots of lovely red glitter, it was hard to photograph but it was a fun vampy shade for the holidays and I got a solid week’s worth of wear out of it. As for the shade I chose to take home with me, that is Selena, the avocado green crème you see here in a bottle. Neither shade is on Julep’s website right now but will be coming back, they have updated their bottle’s design so I’m assuming they will gradually bring back their old shades in time.

Seeing how attentive and detailed Julep was with my hands, I’m definitely going back for a pedicure when I can. I’ve been given a little taste of the services and I’m coming back for more! If you are in the Seattle, Bellevue or Gig Harbor and need a little pampering, check out Julep Nail Parlor. I think you’ll love your experience as much as I loved mine.