Spotlight on Jouer Summer: Sheer Bronzing Tint and Peony Lip Gloss

Jouer’s summer launches may be few, but they sure do pack a punch.  The Jouer Sheer Bronzing Tint SPF 15 and Peony Lip Gloss are a perfect match made in sunshine heaven.

It’s well known that tinted moisturizers rule the summer, and Jouer’s Sheer Bronzing Tint with SPF 15 for summer is ruling my every day. It’s not quite a traditional tinted moisturizer, but I’d count that among its many uses. I’ve become quite the self-tanning obsessee lately sometimes have difficulty getting that perfect match with other tinted moisturizers.

Jouer Sheer Bronzing Tint in action

This is perfect for the DIY-types. I can use it all over my face if I’m “tan” enough, or mix it in with face moisturizer for a custom tint. It also layers well over makeup and is sheer enough that it imparts color in a fullproof manner. Truly, there’s no messing this one up. And the formula is oil-free, contains vitamins A, C & E in addition to chamomile extract.

Jouer Peony Lip Gloss

The perfect complement to fresh bronzed skin is Peony Lip Gloss. Are you thinking, woah—that’s bright? We did when we first saw it, but it’s much more forgiving than you’d think. It’s also sheer but can be built up if you desire. Peony is a fun color, and this formula remains one of the most moisturizing lip glosses we’ve ever used.

Hydrated skin and lips make for happy Product Girls!

Here’s a look I wore with both products. I layered a few coats of Peony Lip Gloss on, but I think it’s a subtle pop of pink, wouldn’t you say?

Jouer is available at Bendel’s in New York, online at and! The Sheer Bronzing Tint retails for $32, and the Lip Gloss is $20.

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    1. Belle, I love love the LMT too! It’s one of my faves! I highly recommend these products — the Sheer Bronzing Tint is so amazing! I was very impressed:)

  1. Love this look! I have to try this line, the idea of a moisturizing lip gloss is quite appealing. Very pretty!!!

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