Jouer Launches in Nordstrom

From the first moment I used Joeur Luminizing Moisture Tint, I knew that I’d stumbled onto a brand that was really special. Years later, and many more a-ha/wow moments from Jouer, I realize how right I was. And now I can get my Jouer in Nordstrom!

The brand launched online at Nordstrom and in five stores, including Chicago’s Michigan Ave, Walnut Creek, CA, Santa Monica, CA, Garden State, NJ and and Houston, TX. You can’t see me, but I’m smiling! Jouer is joining a suite of new brands in Nordstrom’s beauty department, including Vincent Longo, Kevin Aucoin and Stila.

I attended a breakfast with Jouer last week, and got a glimpse at some of their new offerings (and what they have in store for holiday!)

Christina is gorgeous (she’s on the left!) — so thankful she wore flats and I heels that day! Notice how her arms are illuminated in all of the right places? That’d be courtesy of Jouer’s brand new Luminizing Body Glow. Maybe one of the best smelling things ever.

Jouer Hamptons Lip Gloss

Jouer released the most gorgeous Lip Glosses for summer, with a little east coast/west coast spin. Hamptons shown above is the perfect peach with a tinge of coral and Malibu is a sheer fuchsia glaze.

Are you as excited as we are about Jouer’s launch into Nordstrom? If you’re not near one of these locations, hold tight. We have a feeling this is just the start for Jouer!

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  1. glad to hear of this “limited” addition. Frankly, I think Nordstrom’s beauty department is in need of some work. It’s a little boring, same ol’, same ol’

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