Josie Maran is Coming to Sephora!

Quite possibly, the most beautiful face behind a cosmetics line that I’ve ever seen, Josie Maran is celebrating the launch of her line of cosmetics in 25 select Sephora stores throughout the nation.

Josie Maran's Wildflower Powder Palette“Luxury With a Conscience” perfectly describes brand – with sleek, metallic pink bio-degradable packaging, natural ingredients, and fabulous quality products, this line is bound for success. I raved about my experience with Josie Maran Finger Paints and Eyeliner, I highly urge you to head to your nearest Sephora to at least check out this gorgeous Wildflower Powder Palette – it’s begging to be played with!

While you’re visiting Sephora, check out the new expanded lines they are carrying like Miller Harris, Plant Love by Cargo and Yves Saint Laurent.

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