Ten or Less: Johnson's Baby Shampoo – An Original Multi-Tasker

I told you a few weeks about how I’m participating in Johnson’s Blog for Beauty Challenge. My first post was about Johnson’s Baby Powder (did you know there’s a Magnolia scented baby powder? love it) and this week I’m all about their Baby Shampoo.

There is a cleanser that I love dearly and every single time I use it, I’m reminded of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo because it smells just like it and is just as gentle so this week I actually used it instead of my beloved cleaner without any repercussions. It didn’t leave my skin feeling dry or tight and didn’t leave my eyes burning when I got some in them. It made for a great eye makeup remover too.  At one point I even added some Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant into the mix for some exfoliating love, you could add in some sugar instead if you wanted a less expensive option. I don’t know that I would use this regularly instead of a cleanser but if I’m traveling or in a pinch, this will fit the bill.

As I did with the baby powder, I tried to find some alternate uses for the baby shampoo:

  • It makes a good laundry detergent for my delicates on a gentle cycle and they came out great.
  • It makes a good brush cleaner, whether it is a makeup brush or a hair brush.
  • It makes a good household cleaner, I used a a quarter size dollop on my wood surfaces and the mineral oil in it made it shine like new.

If I had sensitive skin, I’m sure this would be a staple in my life. For now, I’m saving it for my brush arsenal and delicates. I’m sure there are a lot more ways to use this product that I haven’t even thought of but how many products do you know of that can do so many things for around $3? Do you use this product in any unexpected ways? Let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Ten or Less: Johnson's Baby Shampoo – An Original Multi-Tasker”

  1. I use this every night to remove my makeup before washing my face (like you would a pre-cleanse oil). Takes off everything…even mascara. CHEAP LUV

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