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Recently I was asked to give JewelMint a try, a members-only jewelry club started by fashion icon and actress Kate Bosworth and stylist Cher Coulter. JewelMint chooses top styles for you based on a fashion personality and style quiz you take when you sign up. Based on your answers, JewelMint will show you their pick in the site’s showroom. In the showroom you can mark options as favorites or remove them letting JewelMint know why you dislike the piece. This helps JewelMint refine the pieces that they show you as options. Don’t like the style options you’re seeing? You can re-take the quiz at any time and get a whole new set of options in your showroom. Also, each month new jewelry designs are added.

Had I not been asked to try JewelMint, I don’t think I would have ever signed up for it on my own. I’m glad I was given this opportunity because the jewelry surprised me with its quality. I was also surprised with the presentation with each piece. It comes in a box with a bow around it and when you open it, it is thoughtfully presented with a little background on the specific piece. I loved this because it also makes a piece totally gift-able.

I was sent a variety of pieces to play with ranging from earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets in different styles and you can really see that each piece is handmade. It’s also unique and affordable, I didn’t see the same type of pieces I see at the same price range in different stores. Affordability is key though, how often do you see on trend, handmade pieces retailing for $29.99?

 JewelMint has given me a promo code to share with all of you! To get 50% off your first purchase, just use PGIRL50 during check out. This is valid for new members only and expires 10/31. Are you joining? I saw go for then come back and let’s chat about the pieces you hauled. 😉

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  1. I have several pieces including the best hoop earrings I;ve ever had! the pieces are unique and high quality and like you said, the presentation is drool worthy. Also like the free shipping. They also have Facebook Friday deals–so like them on facebook and they send an email every friday with a new deal!

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