Win $500 Worth of Jessica Simpson's Hairdo Extensions!

Jessica Simpson graced the cover of New York Magazine’s spring fashion issue released this week receiving a nod from the publication as a fashion mogul and coined the “$1 Billion Girl”. But it’s her outrageously high hair that clearly steals the show in this picture, leaving us to wonder, how did she get this look? Jessica’s secret to her heightened hair is, of course, extensions. Her line, Hairdo Clip-In Extensions, is filled with hair additions from volumizing products, to styles that add length and color.

Her hairstyle for the shoot is Bardot-done-big but Hairdo wants your help naming the style you think helped achieve her cover look. Just head over to Hairdo’s Facebook page today and vote on the Hairdo Clip-In Extension you think was used on her look. The first ten to correctly choose the style will win a Hairdo 21” Human Hair Clip-In Extension, valuing at $500 or any Hairdo Extensions of their choosing. Here are a few of the other extensions available:

If you’re not a winner in this contest, have no fear! Five lucky Product Girl readers will have a chance to win a style of their choosing. Just leave a comment below with your favorite style from their Facebook page… and spread the word! The winner will be chosen at random next Saturday. Good luck!

16 thoughts on “Win $500 Worth of Jessica Simpson's Hairdo Extensions!”

  1. I love the 21″ extension in human hair. Id love to get a pair and style them myself. They seem really versitile. My hair is too thin to grow long like that on its own

  2. I have been trying to grow my hair for what feels like ages…I’m not blessed with fast hair-growing genes and I LOVE the hairdo-20inch-wavy!

  3. That’s a crazy picture of Jessica Simpson, especially since it’s on the cover of “New York” magazine. I tried her clip-on bangs once, and they looked pretty good, but there was a weird bump where they attached to my head. Anyway I would want to try some of her other extensions, but there aren’t any colors that match my hair.

  4. I’m loving the 21″ Human Hair Clip-in Extensions! I’ve heard good things about the quality of this brand.

  5. I love the 21 inch human but I also really think the bangs would be fun too – bangs are so tricky and if you aren’t committed to the change, this would be the perfect trial!

  6. Hairdo 21 inch HUMAN extensions is my favorite because her hair looks so natural, so soft, perfect relaxed curls.I just happen to think this is the prettiest and most natural look

    Thanks for this opportunity to win these great extensions.

    I follow you on twitter and shared about this contest on my twitter page (@DianeLori) and the link is as follows:

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  7. I think it was the 21 inch hair extensions. There seem to be long enough to create that much hair. Wow is it huge. Major 80s (or maybe 70s). 😉

  8. 21″ Human Hair Clip In Extension – I’d love to have wavy hair since my hair doesn’t hold a curl for very long.

  9. Although I liked many (most?) of the looks, I think the 21″ Human Hair Clip-in Extension was natural and beautiful. I’m a new email follower and I’m excited to have stumbled on your blog. It’s great!

  10. I like the hair-do bangs and think they would be really helpful when mine get cut too short or I am having a bad day with them.

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