Want This: Jessica Simpson Glam Garden Double Leaf Knuckle Ring

In case you haven’t noticed by my pictures here and on Twitter, I’ve developed a bit of a ring fetish. I have been slowly building my collection of cocktail rings for the last few months. I do not own really expensive pieces, the rings I have been buying are usually around $50 and under.

There is one kind of ring that I have really wanted but just haven’t found the right one yet, a double ring. Is that what you call it? All I know is I want one. It’s hard to find the right one for me though. Some are too simple and don’t give me the effect I want then some are too big and overbearing. ThisĀ Jessica Simpson Glam Garden Double Leaf Knuckle Ring at Macy’s is just right. I love the leaf design. It’s simple but the double ring action makes it a bit more unique. I am in love… and I never thought it would be with something from Jessica Simpson.