Easy On The Eyes

Jane Iredale's PureLash Mascara This summer I spent several weekends in the Poconos enduring itchy, watery eyes and countless sneezes. I switched from my usual mascara to Jane Iredale’s PureLash Mascara in Agate Brown. I found that it was the perfect fix for my sensitive eyes. PureLash is very gentle, has no scent and is non-irritating. It wore pretty well throughout the day, never needing to be reapplied. Like the website promises, it didn’t flake or smear and held up during my worst sneezing fits. In addition, I found that it was very easy to remove, unlike other waterproof mascaras. PureLash’s formula is very glossy and quite lengthening as well. This is a must have for a natural lashes look that you can count on.

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