It’s Official, I’m Obsessed with Twilight

I swear, I have good intentions when I say things here… I really, really do. I intend to do the things I say but then life gets in the way. :) Something happened over Thanksgiving weekend though, I got some news that was a little unpleasant so I decided to distract myself and my distraction was reading Twilight. Oh my god, this one hell of a distraction!

Twilight: Edward's Crooked SmileI’m normally a slow reader but since that weekend, I’ve spent all of my free time reading the series. I’m a little more than halfway through Breaking Dawn now and all I can think about at work is going home to read! I think it’s safe to say I’m officially obsessed with Twilight now. I’ve put the books aside long enough to see the movie a few times, browse some websites and begin obsessing over Robert Pattinson. I think I only like him in character though. I mean, how could you not? Look at this smile… After I’m done reading Breaking Dawn, I’m moving on to Midnight Sun but that’s not that long in comparison. ;)

So the moral of this story is things will be back to normal here very soon. So bear with me, ok? :) Things will get back to normal soon and we’ll be resuming the rest of the giveaways on Monday, now extending into January to make up for the delay this new obsession has caused. Anyone else obsessed with Twilight? Let’s obsess together. :)

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19 Responses to “It’s Official, I’m Obsessed with Twilight”

  1. overly obsessed girl says:

    i am so obsessed with heartthrob robert pattrinson i’ve seen the movie 5 times already i have so many pics of him everywhere . i hate kristen stewart i mean shes good as an actor and stuff . but i just dont like her when she got asked out by rob IF she said yes it looks like shes gonna break his heart to pieces!

  2. Adrienne says:

    I am a 29 year old woman and I am just as obsessed with Twilight as all of the younger crowds. It makes me long for such an irrational passionate love. I listen to the soundtrack and there is this one song Rob sings that brings me to tears every time. I know some people say Edward is overprotective in Eclipse but I would totally let him! Also at the end where he tries to make love to her I totally would have le him too!

  3. nina says:

    i no what u mean about the soundtrack. there’s one song that always brings me to tears!!! i am unbelievably and truly in love with the twilight saga. it’s all i can EVER think about. i never thought i could love anything as much as i do these books. everything about them is amazing. i’m always talking about it and everyones always like shut up about twilight already!!! and im like I CAN’T!!!!! and edward…i wont even get started on how much i love him!! he is amazing! i thought i was alone on how obsessed i am with these books, but i guess i now know i’m not

  4. April says:

    thank goodness I’m not the only one. I wasn’t even interested in the series until my mom got me the books for Christmas and I read all of them in 4 days. I’m surprised my boyfriend is still around. I have a question though. Where can I read Midnight Sun? All the websites I’ve gone to are dead and I am DYING to read it.. Help please!!

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