Fill 'Em In For a Good Cause: IT Cosmetics Brow Power

When it comes to brow filler, I’m pretty simplistic. I don’t travel a ton, but I travel enough to really appreciate having a brow filler and groomer all-in-one to easily grab on-the-go. IT Cosmetics Brow Power™ Universal Eyebrow Pencil is one such product as it comes with an attached spoolie. And I’ll say, IT’s brow pencil is special for quite a few reasons. One that really stood out to me is that for each one sold, IT Cosmetics donates another to the American Cancer Society’s Look Good, Feel Better program which helps women face the effects of cancer with confidence.

This product also features a universal shade that transforms to all brow hair colors and I’d say that’s likely accurate. I’m a believer in universal after I tested the Dior pencil on a ginger. It just sort of melds into your skin. I really like it for summer as it doesn’t budge at all and feels more seamless than a powder. It also contains a blend of ingredients to restore hair follicle health and anti-aging ingredients and vitamins. Hmmm….is this why my brows are growing back so quickly?! Potentially, but they look great so no complaints here.

Here’s a closer look at the pencil’s tip – it’s oval-shaped. It is pretty unique and is intended to create a more natural fill. The only downside I’ve experienced with the brush is the spoolie. It does its job but is not as firm as I’d like. I’m all about the brow coiff! Also, fun fact about IT Cosmetics that Michelle from All Lacquered Up clued me into. Does anyone watch Big Brother? It’s a summer staple for me — and the founder of IT, Jamie Kerns, was on the first season of the show. I watched that season, but it was 10 years ago so I didn’t make the connection.

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Disclosure: We received a sample of this product.

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