Introducing Be a Bombshell Cosmetics

This is a sponsored post written by Be a Bombshell Cosmetics.

Be a Bombshell Cosmetics is in a new approach to buying cosmetics. Our beauty advisers will pick a look for you based upon your beauty questionnaire. We will then e-mail our suggested look to you. For the product junkies that need instant gratification, you can go to the shop now section of our website. This will show you the current looks that are available and you can choose products from these looks.

This company was co-founded by two product junkies. We loved the quality of department store products, but that is an expensive habit to keep up. We both had experience as buyers and brand managers, so we decided we could use our experience to produce a line of cosmetics that were affordable, yet high quality. We only use the best ingredients for all of our products.

The Bombshell Experience:

We love our Bombshells! We believe that every woman is beautiful and we want to enhance your beauty. We would love to show you great products each to bring out your inner Bombshell! Getting started is easy and there is absolutely no obligation at any time. Our beauty experts will send you personalized product selections that YOU want. Let us introduce you to your inner BOMBSHELL!

The average woman buys 3 cosmetic products a month. So why not buy them at a great price? Bombshells can purchase 2 products for $19.95. This includes shipping! All Bombshell products are the same quality that you would buy at any department store and are far less expensive than drug store prices. These products are delivered straight to your doorstep. Our experts customize the products to fit your unique Beauty Profile. This is a fun and inexpensive way to update your look!

Option 1:

  1. Fill out your information and the Beauty Profile.
  2. You will receive an e-mail with recommendations from our Beauty Experts based on your Bombshell Beauty Profile.
  3. Visit your Makeup Counter and choose the products you like.
  4. Start the Bombshell transformation!

Option 2:

  • Go to our website to the shop now page and choose products from your favorite look!

Today is the day . . . Be a Bombshell! Come see us now at!

Until midnight on October 1st all new Bombshells will receive a FREE full size Eyeliner in Onyx with any purchase. This is a Bombshell favorite and compliments every look!

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  1. Okay So the eyeliner is great but dont forget the lip gloss!! I just got mine in today and I am already addicted!

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