Ineke Field Notes from Paris Perfume


My first encounter with Ineke perfume was when my friend Lea gave me a bottle of After My Own Heart, a beautiful lilac scent with basenotes of sandalwood, heliotrope and musk. Lilac scents can be a little overwhelming but this one is refreshing different. Now Ineke has released Field Notes From Paris, a woody oriental inspired by perfumer Ineke Ruhland’s early days studying perfume in Paris.

Field Notes from Paris has made me re-think my stance on woody oriental fragrances. Normally, I am not a fan of them. I would grab a musk or floral scent before I’d ever reach for something like this but this perfume, Ineke’s perfumes, are different. In what I have smelled from Ineke, her perfumes are unique. They are not in the same realm as other mass market fragrances.

This one in particular has top notes of coriander seed, orange flower and bergamot. In the opening, the coriander is dominant with a hint of sweetness from the orange flower and bergamot. It doesn’t take long for the top notes to settle and give way to the tobacco leaf, patchouli and cedar middle notes. When the tobacco leaf note opens up with a hint of cedar and patchouli in the background, it’s my favorite moment with this perfume. Maybe that’s because I quit smoking in January and I miss the smell of opening a pack of cigarettes? Not sure… From there, you become more aware of the base of tonka bean, leather, beeswax and vanilla as the fragrance becomes a little bit sweeter… but not too much.

While I don’t think this is Ineke’s intention, I can definitely see this as a unisex scent. I can imagine a man wearing this perfume and thinking he had excellent taste. Either way, this would make a great fragrance for a woman or man looking for something richer for the colder months ahead.