Idole D'Armani by Giorgio Armani


At first, I was not really into Giorgio Armani’s new perfume Idole D’Armani. I can appreciate a warmer scent but this was vastly different from my usual white florals and powdery musks. I received a sample of it in July and it sat in my room waiting for me to give it another try. I feel bad for neglecting it for so long but as the weather cooled down, my appreciation for I’Dole D’Armani grew.

Now I’m alternating this perfume in my rotation. Idole has a very sharp opening, you get the sweetness from the clementine and pear paired with ginger and Indian davana. It is a little overwhelming for me but as it dries down, notes of saffron jasmine, loukoum rose, patchouli and vetiver reveal themselves. In the end it settles down to a very warm, sensuous floral fragrance. Not that I could pull the look off but fragrances like this remind me of cowl neck sweaters, leggings and talls boots, which to me is very cozy and sexy.

So what are your cold weather fragrances? Tell us all about it in the comments.

Disclosure: a product sample was received for this review.

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