Prime with Plant Oils: Hourglass No. 28 Primer Serum

Makeup needs to work for you. Plain and simple. With the spike in BB creams and foundations that do more than just cover and actually treat skin, it seems appropriate that primers would steer this way as well. Hourglass No. 28 Primer Serum represents the next-gen base for makeup. Its primary value prop is skincare with a powerhouse of plant extracts, vitamins and essential oils to perfect your complexion.

Why No. 28? 14 essential oils + 10 lipid-rich oils + 4 vitamins = 28

It’s skin-softening, hydrating and nutrient-rich formula is an ideal base for makeup. Hourglass added some silicone, which gives it a nice slip, and helps makeup go on smoother. While silicones aren’t my favorite, I ain’t mad at ‘em here. The 28 other ingredients make up for it and I’ll admit, I like the silky texture.

The essential oils all help to soothe the skin in some way. Lavender is a known healer. Orange peel has natural toning properties. Vanilla is relaxing. Geranium is balancing. Rosemary is decongesting. And, the 10 plant oils bring the moisture. Cherry Pit is conditioning to the skin. Green tea brings the antioxidant power. Evening Primrose is neutralizing. Rose Hip Seed is regenerative. Vitamins A, B5, C and E join the party, too, and make those plant oils work a little harder.

So how to wear No. 28? Under makeup but over moisturizer? First thing after you wash your face? What about SPF? According to Hourglass, you make the rules. I prefer it over moisturizer , directly underneath my makeup. But, you can ever wear this at night with no makeup at all. Hourglass even says you put it in your hair – though we haven’t tested it that way yet.

The benefits of priming with plant oils will be seen over time. This is an innovation we totally dig.

Available at Sephora.