Miraculous Complexion with Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation

I think I’m onto something pretty phenom, and possibly life-changing for oily-skinned women everywhere. I’m really excited about Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation. It’s luxe and fancy, and quite possibly the most flattering liquid powder ever. Also, the only liquid powder, perhaps? I can’t say I’ve ever used anything like this.

For something that shifts texture, it’s really unique. It starts out as a thin liquid, and then it just sort of disappears into a velvet matte finish that wears like heaven all day. The liquid to powder transformation is straight up cool. Hourglass calls it “miracle makeup for oily skin” and I think that’s accurate but limiting. I do not have oily skin (anymore) and I find this to be perfect. Wouldn’t recommend it for very dry skin, but the formula is not drying. It is, however, oil-free and water resistant, two more props for its longwearing capes.

Oh, and about the luxe part. It’s Hourglass, which is your first clue. A brand we appreciate so much for its attention to detail and care for aging skin. There are two powerful anti-aging ingredients in this that we truthfully have never heard of but are completely intrigued by:

Phytostem Edelweiss – an active derived from a rare plant from the Alps that slows collagen degradation and reduces wrinkle depth.  

Lavandox – an ingredient extracted from Spanish lavender, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and inhibits muscle contractions.

What we do know is that this makes skin look better. Also, you can snag it at Sephora for 15% during the Beauty Insider sale currently going on now through April 5 (with code CHIC). Check it out here.

6 thoughts on “Miraculous Complexion with Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation”

  1. Read a lot of reviews on this. I was intrigued by the concept because I can not wear liquid or cream foundations. No matter what I try, they collect in my pores and just look awful. But check out the reviews on this before springing for the $55…..evidently the pump is a major fail.

  2. Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua is also a liquid to powder foundation. Gorgeous finish, lasts all day, and is moisturizing for people with dry skin. Also extremely natural looking, but buildable coverage as well.

    1. Sam, I have and love Chanel VA, too! I find the texture and dry down of the Hourglass to be very different (in a good way!) Both are A+ and on par from a $ standpoint. Tough decision!

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