Beauty VIP of the Week: Hot Tools Nano Tapered Iron

Last weekend, I made one of the smartest purchases in a long time. A clipless curling iron! Specifically, the Hot Tools Nano Tapered Iron (1-inch barrel). If you struggle with holding a curl, you need to go clipless. In the short time I’ve had this, it’s quickly become a prized possession. It’s already made Beauty VIP status, which is not something we throw around lightly here. It creates the most amazing waves and they stay. Amazingly, all day and overnight. Just a refresh with the curling wand on day 2 hair and it looks even better than day 1.

I love that there is no clamp to damage or pull at my hair, and this thing gets hotter than any other curling iron I’ve had. For the fearful, there is a heat-protectant glove, but it’s easier to use without. The curling process is faster, too.  The trick is to curl away from your face and not to wrap the hair around the wand too tight. Way back on Monday, I did that and felt a little too “perm” and not enough “beach.” Live and learn, right?

I am so excited about my newfound abilities to hold a curl. Expect me to talk about this a lot in the future. Have a good weekend, ladies!

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