Hinge Textured Leather Hobo: My New Handbag!

The Hinge Textured Leather Hobo is my newest handbag acquisition. I deliberated over this purchase for weeks and luckily I found it on sale at Nordstrom (not to mention double points on my MOD card). I asked everyone I knew what they thought of it because sometimes I’m the kind of gal who needs a positive endorsement before I buy something. Almost everyone said they liked it. I’m not sure if they were honest… one beauty blogging friend told she was not a fan. Either way, I decided I liked it enough to buy it in brown. 🙂

I am completely in love with this bag’s texture. It has this industrial look to it that I really, really like. It’s also pretty damn big, big enough for me to carry all those “just in case” items that I like to keep with me every day. I read the measurements before I clicked on the Place Order button but I guess I just envisioned it being smaller than it actually is. That’s totally OK though because the next time I get on an airplane, this will be the bag I bring on board with me!

2 thoughts on “Hinge Textured Leather Hobo: My New Handbag!”

  1. Love it! The texture make it so unique. I am hunting for a new bag and can’t find anything I like. I need pockets on the outside-must have pockets. 🙂

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