Hilde Soliani Perfumes: A Perfumer You Should Know


The world of perfume is insanely huge. As much as I like to think that I know perfume, the truth is that there so many unique and niche fragrances out there that I will never be able to keep up. Thank goodness I have Lea in my life to tell me about the gems that are worth spreading the word about. Say hello to Hilde Soliani. I have to admit, these bottles look a little old school but what’s inside is fantastic.

Hilde Soliani created a botanical inspired collection of fragrances that has the best wear I have ever experienced. I kid you not, sometimes I wake up in the morning and still smell the perfume on my skin just as much as I smelled it the day before. The silage here is incredible. Her perfumes are rich and luscious and should just not be missed if you love florals. Only Tulipano and Iris are available at Luckyscent but this collection also includes Ortensia, Anemone and Margherita (you can find these online at New London Pharmacy).

My perfume collection has been graced with Margherita, Tulipano and Iris. Of these three scents, I have pledged my eternal love to Iris. It is such a beautiful floral fragrance that it makes me want to go roll around  and of the three, I love Iris the most. It has sweetness to it that is completely addicting. When I smell Iris, I imagine flowers floating in a bowl of cream, it has this creaminess to it that I just adore. Tulipano and Margherita are equally beautiful florals. Margherita (Italian for daisy) is very reminiscent of Marc Jacobs Daisy only with a much better wear and Tulipano has a green crispness to it that is very refreshing.

Hilde Soliani’s florals have super curious about her other scents. From what I’ve read about them, Ms. Soliani is very inspired by the food world with quite a few of her fragrances featuring edible notes.  For example, Fraaagola Saalaaata is made of up of strawberries and salt.  Now do you see why I’m curious? :) If she had something powdery and musky, I could die a happy gal.

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2 Responses to “Hilde Soliani Perfumes: A Perfumer You Should Know”

  1. That’s a product that I’ve never even seen before. Must check it out. Looks really good. Great to have something that doesn’t disappear off your skin after half an hour.

  2. Interesting. I love MJ Daisy but it doesn’t last on me at all, so I’m intrigued by Margherita. How much is this juice?

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