Skincare to Prevent Your Face From Melting During a Heat Wave

I’m certain the only way to not melt your face off with these 100+ temps that seem to rise with every day this week is to actually just stay inside the comforts of an air conditioned home. If only jobs and lives didn’t get in the way of our cooling plans. The next best thing is to deploy a face-melting offense/defense strategy that will keep you looking cool and refreshed (despite feeling otherwise). The following is heat wave-tested, Product Girl-approved.

As little as makeup as possible is the goal. And if you must, a primer is non-negotiable. I LOVE Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer Dewy Finish in the heat, and the tinted formula actually allows me to go makeup-less (just a dab of concealer is all). Some primers mattify, Murad Hybrids in the Dewy Finish does not. Instead, I get radiance (that doesn’t break down when the inevitable sweating starts) and a boost of antioxidants and minerals as well. Like I said, LOVE. $35, Sephora.

Perhaps the most important thing you put on any day – and especially during a heat wave – is SPF. I’m digging the mybody Tinted Sun Shield, dubbed “Step 4” in a new line developed by a team of medical experts ( led by Philosophy co-founder David Watson and wife Christine!). The texture is slick and thick (good things in this case) and turns skin into a smooth, SPF-protected, canvas. The tint helps blur out skin imperfections, too. Bonus! to locate retail info.

You know it’s hot when even your undereye area sweats. Life is just harder when it’s 103 degrees outside. My happiness depends on Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel PM & Ultimate Lift Eye Gel Roll-on AM. These live in the fridge for summer, and nothing beats an icy stainless steel ball infusing cucumber extract and soothing aloe along the contour of my eye first thing in the morning. And at night, I dab the PM version under my eyes for some soothing and cooling. The good folks at Ole Henriksen were smart to release this special duo set at Sephora this summer! $35, Sephora.

I’m a misting-addict, and I’m OK with that. It’s the best way to cool yourself down, next to a big glass of water (and a giant pool). I’m loving Sircuit Cosmeceuticals Molecular Mist and its “Heavy Water” complex that plumps and hydrates skin. The purpose of the heavier water (10% more so) is to prevent it from evaporating as quickly as regular water. There’s also witch hazel, myrrh, coconut extract and other moisture enhancers. I happen to love the smell of this stuff — I find it to have a slightly powdery aroma. It’s like perfume for the face — a very hydrating perfume made for the face, that is. $36, Birchbox.

How are you beating the heat? And if you’re a west coastie like Carla, are you happy to be missing the heat wave or longing for the rest of the country’s misery?!

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