Hard Candy Welcome Matte Mattifying Transluscent Powder

In my quest to mattify in this dry, Arizona heat, I have recently discovered Hard Candy Welcome Matte, a great mattifying powder. I love the fun and inventive packaging and find that it is a great value to boot. It is getting warmer here already and with the shine taking up some T-zone real estate; I was looking for a lightweight, mattifying powder that I can carry around and stop my mid-day shine.

Welcome Matte is the answer to my greasy prayers! It does a great job of mattifying with a small amount of product, so it does not feel like you are loading up on the powder or ending up all cakey and um, powdery.  I used it this morning after applying my foundation, and after it had been on for about 8 hours, I touched it up to take me through the rest of my day.

The smell is reminiscent of the Dr. Feelgood mattifyer by Benefit. It has that essential oil smell; I really tend to enjoy more botanical and herbal scented beauty products, so this one scores big points in the scent department for me. The packaging is very cute and practical as well. It comes in a black compact and has a mirror and a breathable bottom slot for the sponge, which is shaped like a heart, awwwwww! It is a little bit of a bigger compact, so I am not sure I would be able to fit this in a tiny clutch, but in my big, everyday bag, it is not an issue.

I love the slot for the sponge, since it has little holes to allow for circulation. Having a sponge just sit there and gather bacteria is a big pet peeve of mine, it just screams high school to me, when everyone carried the pressed powder in their back pocket and slathered it on after gym class. Ick! I wash my sponge when I wash my brushes, once a week, but you could swap it out with a flat sponge more than that if you wanted.

This is just a great, lightweight, fresh smelling mattifying powder at a great price! A T-zone must! I highly recommend it as we get into those summer months to help keep you looking your freshest.

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    1. Hey Courtney!
      Yes, AZ represent!! Enjoying this gorgeous weather at the moment. Thanks for your kinds words, Carla and Laurie have built such a great blog, I am so glad to be a part of it now!

      Hooray for products!


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