I Mist You Much: A Guide to the Obsessive Nature of Facial Misting

My favorite time of day is misting time. And the best part of misting time is that it can be any time. Summertime necessitates frequent facial misting. Nothing feels better, especially on a hot and humid day. I mist in the morning before applying makeup. I mist myself and others at work. I mist on-the-go. I mist at night after washing my face. Basically, I mist constantly. As such, I’ve grown to rely on a few favorites.

Best in Botanics: AmorePacific Moisture Bound Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System. This water-free hydration mist contains the brand’s signature blend of indigenous Asian botanicals, including bamboo sap, a blast of antioxidants via red ginseng and a blend of mineral and amino acids to increase the skin’s defense against environmental stressors. It does a great job at keeping moisture locked in, and is very calming. $35 for 2.7 oz, available at Sephora.

Best in Scent: Benefit Cosmetics Ultra Radiance Facial Re-Hydrating Mist. I seriously love the packaging of Benefit’s b.right skin care line, and this mist is no exception. The smell is refreshing with a hint of floral — I call this one the “facial perfume.” It does a good job at soothing and hydrating, thanks to the magnesium PCA and white & blue lotus extracts. Worth noting – the nozzle on this mists out perfectly. In the world of obsessive facial misting, this is important. $26 for 4.5 oz, available at Benefit boutiques and counters.

Best in Energy: By Elizabeth Dehn Face Spray. Not only is this Face Spray uber-hydrating, misting it gives me serious energy. It’s my summer alternative to an afternoon coffee run. That energizing effect is thanks to the burst of organic essential oils of Melissa, Bergamot and Sweet Orange. Available at By Elizabeth Dehn for $28 (1.7 oz.)
Best in TravelCaudalie Beauty Elixir To-Go. This mist is loaded with plant active botanicals and essential oils, including rosemary, peppermint and grape extracts. It’s like a visit to the spa with every mist. It also comes in a convenient travel size that makes this a purse essential. $16 (1 oz.travel size), available at Sephora.
What’s your position on misting? Ever tried it? Equally obsessed? Let us know. In the meantime, I’ve got to go mist!

16 thoughts on “I Mist You Much: A Guide to the Obsessive Nature of Facial Misting”

  1. I luv Caudalie products and when i’m done with current mist i’m using, by Mario Badescu, i’m definitely picking up Caudalie Beauty Elixir To-Go. Very catch title. those were the days when Janet was so big

    1. Amy, don’t you just love old school Janet?! You’ll really like the Caudalie — I haven’t encountered anyone who hasn’t. Even my male coworkers:)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVING the benefit facial mist. the nozzle distributes a light even layer of moisture. my local benefit s/a told me they spent 3 years on developing the nozzle.. very impressive!
    great review xo

    1. Faye – that’s impressive and I’m so glad they took the time to get it right! They definitely get my vote for best nozzle and it just.smells.so.good!

  3. I’ve used the Caudalie one and it is lovely. I totally agree on the nozzle – VERY important. I recently bought a mist and the nozzle is poor – not fine and is a bit too squirt like rather then a delicate mist.

  4. The Caudalie one is super beautiful, an instant prep and plump, as is the AmorePacific. But the Benefit one just felt like a chemical film on my skin, I don’t know how they managed to use so many synthetic ingredients in something as simple as a facial mist, takes some doing. Ended up using mine as a bathroom fragrance spray in the end. Wouldn’t advise putting it anywhere near your face.

    1. Alexia, Bummer to hear! I will agree that Benefit is the least natural of these (wish it were more so too!)I actually like it for over makeup but don’t use this one on bare skin like I do the others. Good call on using as a bathroom spray, though! It does smell fab:)

  5. Laurie thank you for this post! I’ve been a bit skeptical about facials mists and your post lays out the facts; plain and simple. I’ll be heading to a VERY hot and humid NYC next week and the Caudalie travel size will be a perfect mist to try on and off the plane. I’ve been using one from Pangea Organics lately- have you tried any of them? I’m a bit indifferent to it at the moment. Again, thank you for this.

    1. Kyra, You will LOVE the Caudalie. I’m on like my 5th bottle! I have tried the Pangea Organics (got a sample in my June Birchbox!). I like it a lot, actually. Smells very earthy!

  6. I love misting in the summer too. As a dry girl I like to mist and then apply a light moisturizer/serum to my face. I keep both in the fridge.

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