Guess That Body Lotion!

Every once in awhile, an opportunity comes along to do something fun and unexpected here at Product Girl. This time we were asked to do a blind test of a new body lotion coming out from a major national brand. We did not receive any information on the product at all, it just came in a box with a question mark on it and labeled for testing purposes. Before I even received the package, my mind was racing thinking about what brand could possible be behind this… Dove? Aveeno? Lubriderm? Either way, I was excited to participate and was anxious to try the new body lotion!

I received the box this week and went directly into testing mode. I’m not much of a body lotion gal but this winter seemed to be determined to make me one. That said, I can’t handle anything that feels heavy or greasy on my skin. I need my hydration to absorb quickly, I need it feel light as a feather and I need it to smell good… and we’re good on all counts. Again, my mind started racing about what brand could be behind this new body lotion. I went around testing the different lotions I had at home to see if I could find some similarity in formula but I struck out. My curiosity is only getting worse now.

Want to join in on the fun with me? This mystery brand wants you to play along. Five lucky readers will be randomly selected to receive this secret lotion to test and provide their feedback to me to report back to the brand. We will find out which brand is behind this lotion together, all you need to do is comment here and tell me what brand you think we’re dealing with. We will select the five readers next week and be in touch more information. Are you in? Comment and good luck!

34 thoughts on “Guess That Body Lotion!”

  1. I would love to be in!

    I am an absolute lotion aficionado AND I have the nose of a blood hound. I like my lotion to have a nice scent, but not too much and it had better soak in appropriately and not leave me a greasy white mess.

  2. That is so fun! I can’t believe they didn’t even let you in on the secret! I’ve tested yet to be released products before but I have always know the brand. What a fabulous way to achieve true feedback without any brand preconceptions affecting the assessment. How on earth are they communicating with you then? I think maybe I’ll guess Aveeno? I really have no clue though!

  3. I’m a science teacher. Teaching the scientific method is my job. I would love to be a part of this experiment. Who doesn’t love lotion?…whatever the brand?

  4. I want to try!! How to join??
    My guess is olay, because the bottle give my the olay feeling.

  5. I will guess Nivea, only because I haven’t seen too much advertising for them lately. Maybe they are trying out new products and going to launch a bigger marketing campaign in the near future.

  6. I am not going to guess as I have not seen the lotion. I need to wear it everyday, I have some of the driest skin and it is actually painful when I don’t have enough moisture in my skin.

  7. I’m going with Olay – unless L’Oreal is coming out with body lotion!
    I love to try these unmarked products – fun!

  8. I am thinking vasaline brand or jergens? Would love to try I feel the same way u do about lotion lightweight like nothing on but takes the dryness away! Hope I get picked 😉

  9. Oh- what a fun game! I would love to try and report back. I am product junkie—- Johnson’s?

    National brand– luxe or drugstore variety?

  10. I’d love to try it. I’m pretty particular when it comes to lotions and we need some serious hydration where I live (Arizona)!

  11. I’m going to go with Whish. I just saw an ad on facebook today for Whish coconut butter lotion, they said that they haven’t realized the lotion yet and they’re having a lotion giveaway. So if it smells like coconut, maybe it’s whish.

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