Wave the Magic Wand and Achieve Radiance with Guerlain's Midnight Star Collect'Or

It’s safe to say that Guerlain’s Midnight Star Collect’or Extraordinary Radiance Treatment is unlike any other primer I’ve ever tried. Or seen for that matter. In fact, it’s not really even a primer, but rather a skincare treatment for the face. Tiny capsules are housed inside what appears to be a magic wand. And I actually believe these capsules may have some magical powers.

Inside the capsule is a pearlescent gel that is intended for use all over the face to revive skin, dispel signs of fatigue and stress that build up throughout the day. In other words, this is your holiday party face in a capsule. But, it can also be used during the day (perhaps the morning after a holiday soiree!) I tried this one morning that I felt tired and washed out, and honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. But my face transformed before my eyes over the course of my makeup routine.

I applied about half the capsule over the face. It feels velvety smooth and mattifies the skin in a radiant way. I definitely had a glow and I only wore a light amount of face makeup that day, focusing on my under eyes and the redness around my nose. It was one of the better “face” days I’ve had in a long time. It’s very hard to explain how this works, but it is like a jack of all trades in that capsule. For real!

But, there are some pros and cons to consider with this product.

  • Pros: Magical, soothing, protecting, radiance-inducing
  • Cons: Very expensive, fragrant

Despite the cons, I still think this is a cool product, but it is pricey. The saving grace for me (besides the magic) is that I can get a few uses out of each capsule.

Disclosure: We received a sample of this product.

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