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I am a sucker for packaging. Show me a beautifully presented beauty product and if I have enough money in my checking account, I will gladly hand over my debit card. Guerlain’s Imperial Holiday collection is one collection I’d gladly hand over my debit card for, with a presentation like this how could you not? The Imperial Holiday collection was designed to celebrate opulence and capture the brilliance and luminosity of precious stones and fabrics then translate that into a makeup collection.

I’d say Guerlain definitely reached their objective. With packaging this gorgeous, I’d be more inclined to collect this collection rather than use it! Let’s check out the rest of the collection.

Sublime Radiant Powder Face & Body
The Sublime Radiant Powder (seen above) is silky and ultra-light in texture, this sparkling powder graces the skin with a gentle, sheer veil of “diamond” reflections. Like fine-spun muslin dappled with delicate sprays of glitter, it will subtly illuminate shoulders, arms, back, décolleté and hair and leave a deliciously light violet scent.


Météorites Perles Impériales
Meteorites Perles Imperiales are easy to apply and are almost magical, these famous multiple-effect pearls are as luminous as imperial silk and come in three formats – mini, medium and maxi – in order to optimize their evening-out and corrective action. They are also reinvented in three new shades intended to create a fresh, sublime complexion. Mauve and white illuminators, with pink for freshness and gold for light, brighten and smooth the skin to a sleek satin perfection. The famous Météorites compact features an opulent pouch in shiny black fabric, decorated with light-infused silver and rhinestones.


Météorites Voyage Impérial
Enjoy a perfect complexion, everywhere with Meteorites Voyage Imperial pressed powder. This one-of-a-kind formulation ensures ultimate softness in a lightweight texture. Gently pearlescent, it is reinvented as a concentrate of light and radiance. The new size of the colour shades, presented as miniature “flecks”, makes blending colours easier for customized results. A stunning must-have accessory, its white gold metal compact case is covered with genuine black Swarovski crystals, delicately dotting the lid like a constellation of stars.


Ombre Eclat 4 Shades Eye Shadow
If eyes reveal a lot about personality, the Ombre Eclat 4 Shades Eye Shadow palette will help express the full duality of your character. A combination of intensity and softness, dream and seduction, thanks to a blend of smoky, luminous and pearlescent shades. A luscious and iridescent formula that leaves a metallic effect over the eyelids in a play on light. With two taupe tones, a lingerie pink and a slightly gold-tinged white, eyes will take on a dazzling depth, both bewitching and disconcerting. Limited edition shade : #407 Bal de nuit.


Le 2 Mascara
The legendary Le 2 Mascara comes out with special evening colours. The larger brush is featured in ultra-black to intensify the beauty of your eyes. The smaller brush is used for top coat applications, offering touches of glittery gold on eyelash tips. Eyes have the sparkle of a starry night. Limited edition shade: #12 Reine de Nuit.


Rouge G Lipstick
A majestic lipstick, in its original case designed by the jeweler Lorenz Bäumer, Rouge G Lipstick has become a classic in refinement and modernity. Elegant and unusual, its abstract and pure form is enhanced by a new jewel, black and strass-like in spirit that adds a subtle and refined holiday note. Two limited editions shades of Rouge G diffuse subtly sparkling golden reflections over elegant nude and gentle rosewood. It has the radiance of gold, just enough to bring out a glowing smile over an evening of celebrations. Limited edition shades: #11 Grace and #12 Gems.


KissKiss Gloss
KissKiss Gloss extreme shine and radiant colours mark this holiday season with lip gloss shades that are as scintillating on the lips as embroidered gems on a precious fabric. This clever gloss may be used on bare lips or as a top coat to boost the effects of Rouge G. KissKiss Gloss gets an extravagant boost by multiplying glitter effects with three limited shades: #807 Perle de Lune, #808 Ambre Précieuse and #809 Rubis Rose.

I have to admit, I’m not very familiar with Guerlain but after seeing their last few collections, I’m definitely going to start getting more acquainted with the line and I think I’m going to start with the Rouge G lipstick. Isn’t the packaging here just stunning? Are you inspired to pick anything up? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Meteorites is my absolute favorite must-have cosmetic. Why did they have to repackage it so beautifully? I can’t NOT buy these!

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