Part Jewelry + Hair Accessory = Goody Double Wear

I’m a minimalist with accessories. Occasionally, I’ll wear a statement necklace or fun cocktail ring, but most days it’s a watch and hairtie around the wrist. Always a hairtie around the wrist. Which is why I’m absolutely loving the neck and wrist accessories from  Goody Double Wear that moonlight as jewelry. Part ponytail holder and/or headband depending on product and part accessory with a textured metal band. Did I fool you? They look like bracelets, right? I love piling them on, and of course, I still have my trusty Twistband on my wrist as well. You can never really have enough hair options on your wrist as a female. It’s like my security blanket!

What’s even more fun is the Goody Double Wear Headwrap Necklaces. They come as a duo, one silver and gold, and I wear these constantly. When my hair is tied back or when its down, too. And a lot of times, I have no intention of wearing them as anything but jewelry. In fact, I’m wearing them in this Revlon video that way.

These are a must on your next trip to Target! 

P.S. The orange bracelet in the wrist shot is from Sasha Rhett. We are really excited about her line of bracelets and watches that come with interchangeable straps in varied textures and colors. Review to come soon!

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