For Goodness Grape's Lip Survival Collection for Healthy Lips

Lip balm is the ultimate beauty gateway drug. You start out with lip balm, picking up every flavor imaginable along the way. Banana lip balm? Check. Chocolate lip balm? Double check. Then you start picking up tinted lip balms here and there and before you know it, you have 25 tinted balms that all give you the perfect “YLBB” (your lips but better) look because you can’t help yourself. The last stop on this lip balm train is exfoliation. You can wear lip balm all damn day, it still doesn’t mean you’ll have smooth, baby soft lips. You need a little help to get you there and these exfoliators are just what you need. Honestly, I still get a little giddy when I see a new one come out. I have to have it! I’m so obsessed, I’ve started making my own for fun, I’m a nerd. 😉

With all of that said, there’s a line that completely understands our obsession with lip balm and lips in general; For Goodness Grape. Lisa, aka the Lip Balm Queen and founder, created the line because she loves lip balm and is passionate about natural ingredients. She started out on Etsy and sold over 8,000 items there but wanted to reach more people so she started her own website. Her Lip Survival Collection for Healthy Lips is a great way to see what For Goodness Grape is all about.

For $21, the Lip Survival Collection for Healthy Lips set comes with your choice of 2 lip balms, 1 lip tint and 1 lip scrub. In the set I received, Lisa chose for me and I received Banana Whipped Cream Lip Balm, Keep Calm and Carry Lip Balm, Bitten Lip Tintx and Pink Lemonade Sugary Lip Scrub.

The consistency in the lip balms is about the same, the difference here is the blend of ingredients. All of them feel great on the lips, they do not have a super thick texture that make layering lipstick on top a little tricky, they are lightweight but still buttery and do not leave lips feeling slick at all. Keep Balm is Lisa’s higher end lip balm with a great blend of essential oils like chamomile, lavender and vanilla to calm lips. Whipped Banana is practically a banana split in a tube, just without the chocolate. It is so yummy and wears nicely.

I’m not angry, I swear!

As for the Bitten Lip Tintx, the color is perfect, that flush of color your lips get after biting them. You can see it on my lips here, pardon the post-workout shot. The texture here is slightly different, it is a little bit gritty and slightly slicker than the balms. I’m not sure if it is just an issue with the one I received or the product in general. I’m leaning towards an issue with the batch. Either way, it is not entirely a bad thing. Depending on the intensity of your application, the grit blends away as you rub your lips together during wear and also provides a little gentle exfoliation. There’s a famous, more expensive, award winning lip balm that actually relies on this grit to smooth your lips and here you have one for much, much less that does the job just as well gives great color and shine as well.


My favorite part of the set is the Pink Lemonade Sugary Lip Scrub. It is topped with a little sprinkle of pink sugar for decoration but once you get past it, it is solid and does not crumble at all. It is just abrasive enough to be effective but also moist enough so that your lips are not completely stripped of moisture in the process. Best of all? It is in a stick! No more dipping your fingers in a pot or scooping product out…just glide!

I received this set as a sample but I would go back for more lip balms, tints and scrubs in a heartbeat. The price is right on point and lets face it, I am addicted. Now I want to know what all the favors smell and taste like!

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  1. Why did you show me this?!! I just went to the site to browse the sugary lip scrub and now I WANT TO BUY ALL. THE. FLAVORS.!!!!!! 😀 Since we just completed a kitchen remodel our $$$ is kinda low… I guess it will have to go on my wishlist for a while…

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