Beauty VIP of the Week: GO Smile Speed Whitening System

A lot can change in just four days. For example, in Chicago, the temperatures early in the week were in the 90s, approaching triple digits. Then on Thursday, they plummeted nearly 40 degrees. Not a fan of either extreme. Another example: In just four days of this week, I whitened my teeth to about eight times brighter. This, I’m a fan of. GO Smile’s Four-Day Speed Whitening System is by far the most-effective teeth whitening system that I’ve ever used. And it’s unbelievably easy, and pain-free.

I’ve got no patience for the trays they fit you for at the dentist (not to mention they’re hundreds of dollars), and I definitely didn’t have patience for the circa five years ago Whitestrips on the market (as evidenced by the half open box I eventually had to toss out after it had expired). Which, until now, had been the extent of my whitening experiences. So yes, a twice daily treatment over four days is my style – and the results were practically instantaneous. A true Beauty VIP!

GO Smile’s four-day is simple: paint on a “primer” gel to help protect teeth and gums and also accelerate the whitening process, then finish the process with the Ampoule by applying it in a circular motion over each tooth. The best part, no pain. Not even a lick of heightened sensitivity. A few learnings over the course of the last four days:

  • Paint liberally with the Pre-Whitening Gel. There’s plenty of product in the tube, so use it all. I skimped one morning and I noticed my gum was a little inflamed in a spot. It faded quickly, but it won’t happen if you take that first step and do it right.
  • Use every drop of the Ampoule. To maximize the system’s potential, use it to to the fullest. After I applied to each tooth, I focused those last drops on the separations and grooves between teeth – especially my two front chompers.
  • Try to avoid coffee and dark liquids. I’ll be honest, I didn’t obey this rule as much as I should have. My teeth are drastically whiter, but I’m pretty sure that slamming my usual 2-3 cups every morning may not have been the smartest idea.
  • Order touch-ups. Now that I’m finished with four-day regimen, I want to maintain these pearly whites. Because, if I couldn’t give up coffee during the four days, I’m pretty sure I can’t stay away after! Plus, a post-meal Watermelon Mint touch up? Yum!

If you have an occasion coming up or want to whiten your teeth fast, this would be a great kit to consider. I wish it had been around before I got married. Future brides and grooms, take note! The GO Smile Speed Whitening Set retails for $99. If you’re interested in this, I’d check out QVC as well to see if they’re offering any special deals, as they often do on the Q.

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  1. I like teeth whitening products that I can apply myself, like a pen or a swab. I do like the strips, but it always results in an uneven look on my teeth…

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