Samples I've Tried and Loved from Glossybox

It’s officially been a few months since Glossybox launched in the U.S., and we’re officially excited about some items that have appeared in our boxes. Beauty sampling services are the best thing to happen to our mailboxes. We’ve tried many, and while we’re very loyal to our beloved Birchbox, we just can’t enough. Here are the highlights from our Glossybox deliveries.

vbeautè is a line we’ve been curious about, so we were pleased to see a trio of minis in our June Glossybox. The line was created by “It Girl”/socialite Julie Macklowe, and includes what she calls “vComplex,” a potent concentrate made from Swiss Alpine Rose Botanical Technology an age-antagonist that provides antioxidant protection. Basically, something to help fuel the appearance of youth!  The “Lite Up” brightening serum is especially luxe on the skin.

Balm-aholics might be our diagnosis (our purses/counters are filled with salves galore!) so seeing a full-size Figs & Rouge organic balm in our July Glossybox made for a happy moment. These vintage-looking tins are so darn cute, and the balm can be used on face, lips and body. I love it on cuticles and pressed onto my cheekbones for a dab of dew!

What’s more luxe than a Burberry Lipstick? A mini Burberry Lipstick. Technically, a mini Burberry Lip Mist in the shade Copper. It’s  everything the full-size is, just in a smaller package. This is by far one the best samples we’ve seen in the Glossybox — really amps up your sampling game, you know what I’m saying? Sure puts those packets and perfume vials to shame.

First Aid Beauty (FAB, for short) Smooth Shave Cream is a delight! And the sample that Glossybox provided is ginormous. A perfect product to get in the summertime since we are forced to shave our legs like every day (side note: I need to muster up the patience to TRIA my  legs — the reward will be worth it!) The formula is gentle and moisturizing, and only the tiniest amount is needed. I love getting more mileage from my samples.

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  1. I’m really hesitant to suscribe to any beauty sample box… I’ve read a lot of criticism from disgruntled customers, and I’m not sure it’s worth the money. Still thinking about it!

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