glassybaby Evelyn Candle Holder

On Monday night, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation held its annual Hot Pink Party. This event raises money for the charity but this year it also honored its founder Evelyn Lauder, who passed away last year. I thought it was only fitting to share this find with you, Nordstrom collaborated with local Seattle company glassybaby on this candle holder in honor of Evelyn Lauder and named it after her.

These glassybaby candle holders are a labor of love. It takes four artists, three layers of molten glass at 2,000 degrees to make just one candle holder. The result is a unique hand-made piece of art that gives off the most beautiful glow when lit. Here in Seattle, we go crazy for these babies. When glassybaby sells its “seconds”, people stand in line early in the morning just to be able to scoop some up on sale.

You can find these candle holders in stores now and online, each one retails for $44 with 10% from each Evelyn glassybaby being donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.