Summer Beauty: Giorgio Armani Bronze Mediterranean Palette

Giorgio Armani’s Bronze Mediterranean palette for summer is simply gorgeous. It’s a double decker bronzer and eyeshadow palette  featuring a classic twist on summer. Aqua blue, shimmery browns and stunning shades of green, specifically sea and khaki. At $85, this certainly carries a steep price tag, but we tend to think it could be a worthy splurge.

First up, the bronzer. At first glance I thought it might be too dark for my fair skin, but it translated perfectly on the skin. It feels silky to the touch and has the right amount of pigment that you get the color without overdoing it. It looks very chocolately in the pan, but it’s a golden color on the face and has slight orange undertones. It’s very pretty!

As for the eyeshadows, they are incredibly smooth and shimmery. I’m in love with all of these colors – especially the khaki olive gold. I’ve actually been using this palette a ton for the past few weeks, but in a more linear way. I’ve been using the eye shadows individually which is often counterproductive with palettes. But I actually think it speaks to the quality here – there is no throwaway shade in here! Not a single one, they’re all amazing.

Armani’s Bronze Mediterranean palette should be hitting counters soon, and is currently available on their web site. Interested to hear your thoughts. Do you think it’s worth the splurge?

*Disclosure: We received a sample of this product

One thought on “Summer Beauty: Giorgio Armani Bronze Mediterranean Palette”

  1. From your photo I can see that there is a white color in there! Also the bronzer looks so much darker than and in your photo I see it is less scary. Thanks! I usually shell out this kind of money for a Bobbi Brown palette and use it to death. I trust the brand. Actually I’ve picked up a rockin BB palette for $ 65.. This looks like so much summer fun tho! My eye is drawn to it. lol

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